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Atwood & Morrill (Division of Weir Power and Industrial)
  • Free Flow Reverse Current (FFRC) check valves for turbine protection
  • Parallel Slide Gate valves used for isolation and control -- not plagued by thermal binding traditionally associated with wedge gate valves.
  • Check valves
  • Large bore globe valves
  • Steam conditioning de-superheaters
  • Used extensively in power generation, paper mills, and process industries
Blasch Precision Ceramics              
  • Founded in 1979, Blasch Precision Ceramics serves a variety of manufacturing and processing industries throughout the world, providing innovative, customized solutions for chemically difficult, severe wear or high temperature applications. Blasch Precision Ceramics manufactures ceramic shapes that often replace costly steel components or line steel fabrications.
  • Blasch produces ceramic air heater inserts, Multi-cyclone dust collectors outlet tubes, lined pipes & elbows, nozzles, burner tubes, valves, wear tiles, cyclone linings, slurry pumps and many other custom shapes.
  • Many grades of silicon carbide based materials including high alumina.
CBP Engineering Corporation                     
  • Leader in abrasion resistant materials.
  • Abrasion resistant pipe including Cast Basalt and ceramic for ash, fuel pipe, chutes and burner blocks
  • Vacuum Bonded ceramic for superior wear and longevity
Detroit Stoker
  • Complete combustion specialists with over 100 years of experience in solid fuel burning technology
  • Featuring, stokers for coal, wood, MSW, RDF, and biomass fuels; serving the industrial, municipal, cogeneration, and independent power producers (IPPs) markets
  • Also featuring:
  • Low NOx gas burners
  • Ash un-loaders and components
  • Rotary Seal Feeders
  • Renewal parts for Detroit Stoker units as well as renewal parts for other OEM's  (Hoffman, C-E, Zurn, and Riley)
  • Vast engineering expertise, including: CFD Modeling, Over-Fire Air systems (OFA), and Flue Gas Recirculation (FGR)
  • Field service/ on site supervision
  • Full maintenance services for turn key jobs
  • Under-Throw feeders for feeding PRB coals and coals with up to 65% fines
  • Triple IR flame detection
  • Industry excusive Hydrogen flame detection
  • UV / IR flame detection
  • IR Hydrocarbon gas detection
  • Toxic and oxygen detection
  • Whole plant system control and detection
  • Hazardous event monitoring and suppression deluge system
  • Flex-Sonic (trade name) acoustic leak detection
  • High Performance patented Infrared Boiler cameras for utility, industrial, and recovery boilers
  • Portable IR cameras for tube leak detection
  • Non-contact Furnace gas temperature measurement
  • Minimize unplanned outages
  • Improve heat rate
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint
Frenzelit North America                   
  • Engineered to Last
  • Offer world class fabric, elastomer, PTFE, rubber , and metal expansion joints
  • Field service and turnkey install available - may extend warranty on the expansion joint

SPX Heat Transfer

  • Yuba Heat Transfer
    • Over 5000 feedwater heaters installed across the globe
    • Yuba Heat Transfer is the dominant supplier of feedwater heaters, exhaust steam and dump condensers, moisture separator reheaters, header-type high pressure feedwater heaters, shell-and-tube heat exchangers, deaerators, flue gas reheaters and combustion air preheaters
  • Ecolaire Condensers
    • (Formerly Alstom Power - Heat Exchange Division)
    • A global supplier of heat transfer equipment and related technology for the power generation industry
    • Products include steam surface condensers, direct contact condensers, turbine isolation dampers, steam jet air ejectors, heat exchangers, and vacuum deaerators
    • Condensers in operation have surfaces up to 1,400,000 sq. ft. and serve plants up to 1300MW
Balcke-Durr Regenerative Air and Gas Preheaters (an SPX Company)
  • Heating element replacement
  • Casing rework
  • Automatic adjustment to air heaters as load changes
  • Increased combustion efficiencies to increase Megawatt output
  • Field Service
Steam Turbine Generators
  • Integrators and steam power experts for Steam Turbine Generator packaged units.
  • Engineering team with over 130 years of experience.
  • No project too small and units up to 100MW.
  • Detailed proposals and budget numbers provided in less than 48 hours.
Tricentric Valves (Division of Weir Power and Industriall)
  • 3- 96” ANSI 150-900 lb high performance butterfly valves
  • Available in wafer, lug, and double flanged for isolation, check, combination stop / check and, control. Features:
    • Class 6 - bubble tight, zero leakage
    • Triple offset, metal seated
    • Fire and cryogenic tested
    • Bi-directional sealing
    • Emergency Shut-Down (ESD)
    • 50,000 + actuations
  • Specializes in the design and manufacturing of flue gas conditioning, NOx control, Urea-to-Ammonia systems, and ammonia handling equipment for utilities, independent power producers, oil and gas refineries, pulp and paper mills, cement plants, and steel mills.
  • Produces engineered products including low-watt density heaters and specialty thermocouples for industrial applications